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In Memoriam - Brian Brown

Brian Brown sadly passed away on May 11, 2015. We knew Brian from our time living in Barga from 2010 - 2011, and our many subsequent visits. Barga will miss him, as will we.
My wife Kristin and I first met Brian in one of our early exploratory walks through Barga over [...]

The pups

Today we saw our last pup out the door. First it was Ernesto (now Max), to the Melli’s. Then it was Zeus to Elizabetta’s friend Vincent, the tattooed bronzed hairdresser. Finally today, after much deliberation and introspection, Peppa was driven away , to a new life in Switzerland with the Mentha’s. [...]

Fattoria di Corazzano

Every week in Florence, the Orr family, being a healthy bell-weather of nutrition, receives a basket of organic vegetables, hand-delivered from the Fattoria di Corazzano, a farm about an hour away from Florence. It’s a weekly thing – you pay 15 Euro, and you get you a basket of stuff that you must cook [...]

Zuccotti Park

Sitting on a set of stairs at Zuccotti Park, one block away from the WTC, 9:15 am, on Sept. 11, 2013. It’s been a while since I was in New York on Sept. 11. Twelve years ago I was here, running and weaving my way up to midtown. Two years [...]

Summer at the Fattoria

The grassy green vineyards running through the farm bake in the Tuscan sun. The grapes are little bulbs, lazily hanging down their own stems like sleeping monkeys. The cicadas fill the silence with a constant hum, but nothing else moves. Only church bells in the distance, and a breeze that you wish [...]

Tuscan Adventure Series - The Merse River

Every week David, Kristin, Jasper & Bea attempt to find and explore a new spot in Tuscany.
The Merse River in Tuscany is a gleaming green, twisting time-warp. To get to it, you drive south past Siena, past Brenna until you get to a mile-high amphitheater of trees where the river is [...]

John Sullivan - in memory

John Sullivan, Kristin’s dad, died a year ago today.
John had a sensitive soul, kept intact by a larger than life exterior persona. The John you knew after five minutes was an intimidating, playful, imposing, charismatic, twinkling star of a man, cracking jokes, maneuvering his over 6 foot frame through space so as to alter [...]

Euro Cup in Lucignano

Having watched most of the Euro Cup 2012 in either far-away countries (Malta), or big Italian cities (Firenze) Kristin and I opted for small-town Italia for the final. Lucignano. This small town, about an hour outside of Firenze, is the new home-town of our good friends Jory & Tamara. Kristin and I drove [...]

The Villa

- Written during our last visit to Villa Sognare, Ed & Gary’s villa in Barga, Italy, the place where Kristin and I had our wedding reception. Villa Sognare will be sold in a no-reserve auction on June 20. The videos below are from Williams & Williams, the company who will be running the [...]

Thoughts on 9/11 - Ten Years Later

New York City was my home for 8 years. I started my career there, I started my real life there, and on 9/11, real life came in.
In August, 2011, I started work on the 38th floor of Tower 1 of the World Trade Center. I consulted for Lehman Brothers with my friend, and [...]