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Il Primo Bagno

The beach on New Year’s Day was a grey that mirrored the cold ripping into our skin. The temperature was flailing around five degrees and as we stomped in our rubber boots through the sand, a man wrapped in a black scarf blew on his hands. “Sei nuoto?” he motioned to the water. [...]

New Year’s Eve in Venezia

It’s been a while, but we are now starting to post again (ahh yes, New Year’s resolutions). Kristin and I have been in Italy since late August with a 6-week trip back to the US in between. We are living in the small town of Barga, Tuscany. Many stories, but we’ll begin with [...]

Fishing in Bangkok

Update: Following a 2 week meditation in the intense heat of Calcutta, Kristin and I spent a month traveling through Bali, and the Gili Islands of Indonesia, before landing in Bangkok on August 3. Many stories to tell, but we’ll begin again in Bangkok:
The first night in Bangkok, an hour after landing, I got [...]

Gone meditating

A quick one, Kristin and I are about to embark on a 10-day vipassana. During this time, no communication is allowed (including internet, voice, or eye-contact, although there may be a twitter loophole that has yet to be plugged).

We’ll be back on June 28 with more posts.

Like a Virgin

In a down economy, most countries fall back on their primary commodities. While the US ‘Buys American’, Nepal has cornered the market in pre-pubescent Virgins. One such pure soul, the Kumari, is a living goddess believed to be a manifestation of the Hindu goddess Durga. She is selected by a committee of [...]

Politics Nepali Style

Politics Nepali-style is a bit like Korean food – a mish-mash of parties strewn about, thrown into a parliamentary pot and left to stew indefinitely. These days it seems the ultimate pickled party is the Maoists, a Communist party that fought a People’s War from 1996-2006 to reform the ruling monarchy, but have [...]

Thanka, but no thanka

Kathmandu, Nepal is a barrage of streets, characters and yak wool. Kristin and I have been here for six days after completing a 20 day trek through the Annapurna Himalayas, and a four day kayak clinic down the Seti River, where I capsized my green “Bliss Stick” kayak approximately once per hour. After spending [...]

The Bowels of Varanasi

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been busy doing some freelance work. I’m now in Varanasi with the lovely Goddess Shiva, aka Kristin Sullivan. Having successfully finished the Delhi-Taj walk, Kristin and I cycled around Rajisthan, and we are now moving North East through Varansi to Bhodgaya, the place where Buddha [...]

Walk Day 1: Delhi to Faridabad

The first 5 km of a large-scale walk will tell you a lot about the future state of your body and mind. Within a short time frame, you can finally evaluate the legitimacy of your plans, similar to the first five minutes of an entrance exam. In my case, the starting point I [...]

Walking the long, long line

So my plan of writing and posting every day, has been compromised by the fact that after I walk 20-30 miles, I tend to pass out and dream about standing still.
In any case, as of today, I have walked approximately 100 miles, and have only 25 to go! Every day has been [...]