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Special India Relativity

Mumbai in the distance of your memory is like a monsoon that’s gradually subsided. After spending over a week in the city (I’m now in the anti-India that is Goa) I finally got an internet connection on my laptop - you have to shift your frame of reference for accomplishing things here. Getting [...]

Waltz with Bijou

A room without windows is reminiscent of prison, or the middle room at Stanton, which I believe as the frenchies can attest to in the summer, is more or less the same. My first hotel room in Mumbai was a cell-block of a space with yes, no windows, tucked into a slot in Mumbai’s [...]

To be an inanimate object in Mumbai

It’s taken a couple of days to get fully integrated into the humanity of Mumbai, but now it’s all vividly coming back. The livestock on the roads, the poverty on the streets, the chaotic mess of taxis and autoricks, all mixed with in with the glamor of the upper class clubs, and Bollywood. [...]