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Walk Day 1: Delhi to Faridabad

The first 5 km of a large-scale walk will tell you a lot about the future state of your body and mind. Within a short time frame, you can finally evaluate the legitimacy of your plans, similar to the first five minutes of an entrance exam. In my case, the starting point I [...]

Walking the long, long line

So my plan of writing and posting every day, has been compromised by the fact that after I walk 20-30 miles, I tend to pass out and dream about standing still.
In any case, as of today, I have walked approximately 100 miles, and have only 25 to go! Every day has been [...]

Walking to the Taj

Will Self is a brooding English author who I happen to like and admire. In 2008 Self published a book about the relationship between psyche and space called Psychogeography , which proposes that the slow, two footed plod is the best way to observe. Psychogeographers are intent on unraveling the relationship between [...]

Chicken Biryani for the soul

After spending five days in Goa, my brain fully reclined into a supine state, I realized I desperately needed to start moving again. Thus, similar to walking into a supermarket on an empty stomach, I booked an excessive amount of travel: back-to-back 12 hour overnight bus rides to and from Hampi to see the [...]

Trance and truffles

Goa is a captivating bubble of a state, it wrestles with your newfound Indian sensibilities, and throws them to the wayside. I’m staying on Vagator Beach, home of the infamous Disco Valley and open-air 48 hour raves. The party is still here, albeit slowly bleeding away with each passing year.
In Goa trance [...]