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Walking the long, long line

So my plan of writing and posting every day, has been compromised by the fact that after I walk 20-30 miles, I tend to pass out and dream about standing still.

In any case, as of today, I have walked approximately 100 miles, and have only 25 to go! Every day has been an adventure, and I am writing it all down, just need a day or two to recover from this trek, and there will be proper posts (I spent two days not walking, the first due to a nasty case of Delhi Belly, the second due to Holi Festival). Here’s a brief summary of each day so far:

Day One: Delhi India Gate to Fardibad (30 km).
Highlights: Lost in Delhi, Bridge to nowhere

Starting from India Gate

Day Two: - (0 km). Hotel infirmary
Highlights: Delhi Belly, Ciprofloxacin

Day Three: Faridabad to Powal (30 km)
Highlights: Jaikur the Follower, Tea with Baipur

Jaikur, Sharma and I


Day Four: Powal to Haryana/Utter Pradesh border (35 km)
Highlights: The Second Coming of Jaikur, The Wonderful World of Krishna

Day Five: - (0 km)
Highlights: Holi holi, The Village People and Boy-Love

Holi holi

Holi in the village

Day Six: Haryana/Utter Pradesh border to Chhata (30 km)
Highlights: Setbhandu’s journey

Day Seven: Chhata to Mathura (35 km)
Highlights: Children of the Indian corn, Holy temple pilfering

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