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Summer at the Fattoria

The grassy green vineyards running through the farm bake in the Tuscan sun. The grapes are little bulbs, lazily hanging down their own stems like sleeping monkeys. The cicadas fill the silence with a constant hum, but nothing else moves. Only church bells in the distance, and a breeze that you wish would stay.

Sweat drips down the page, smearing ink.

Excitement and movement run counter to the Mediterranean afternoon spirit of repose. At midday, when all other beings are asleep, happiness is found mostly in your imagination. In your mind you are rushing headlong through the vineyard leaves, feeling them rip through you, feeling the sweat come down. All this as you lie on your back, eyes closed, letting the flies buzz and the cicadas hum, willing the breeze to stir once more.

- July 27, Fattoria Di Bagnolo, Impruneta


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