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The pups

Today we saw our last pup out the door. First it was Ernesto (now Max), to the Melli’s. Then it was Zeus to Elizabetta’s friend Vincent, the tattooed bronzed hairdresser. Finally today, after much deliberation and introspection, Peppa was driven away , to a new life in Switzerland with the Mentha’s.

Each pup had his or her own personality. Zeus, the wacky instigator, a loveable explosion of energy; Ernesto, the quiet, slightly timid brother, with his furrowed brow, and back-of-the-class way of slinking behind, and Peppa, the smartest of them all, who, when everyone else left became our temporary focal point of our ‘what-if’ family.. What if we had two dogs? What if we had two dogs and two kids? What if we traveled on a plane with two dogs, two kids and two crazy parents?

Ultimately, we are the same family we were three months ago, but we are not. We are four again, but our +3 are out there somewhere, up the road..


Ernesto (and Peppa) and the Mellis

Ernesto and the Mellis

Zeus and Vincent

Zeus and Vincent

Peppa and the Menthas

Peppa and the Menthas


The pups!

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